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I’m ready to apply. What should I expect moving forward? 
  1. Submit application

    (For an apartment at one of our complexes)
    All questions must be answered completely and accurately. Do not leave any sections blank and make sure responses are legible. We will run a criminal history check and
    verify your rental history for rental applications. Any false, incomplete, or misleading information on your application will cause your application to be rejected.
    All forms must be completed and signed by all household members 18 years of age and older. Please make sure that you have signed ALL pages requiring a signature.

  2. Application is being processed

    The application process could take up to 6 weeks to complete. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

    It is your responsibility to keep Auburn Housing Authority informed of any address or phone number changes while your application is being processed.

    After 3 weeks, inquiries regarding your application will be accepted on Wednesdays only between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM.

  3. Notification of approval or denial

    If your application is approved, a letter will be mailed to you. Your name will be added to the waiting list, it is your responsibility to inform us of any address or phone number changes while you are on the waiting list.

    The waiting list will be updated annually. We will mail you a form to complete and return. If the form is returned or you do not respond within the time allowed, your name will be removed from the waiting list and you will have to re-apply.

    If your application is denied, a letter will be mailed to you, and you will be given an opportunity to schedule an informal meeting.

  4. Notification of available apartment

    You will be contacted by mail, email, or phone when an apartment becomes available. Your income will be reevaluated at this time to make sure you still qualify.

  5. Move in

    Move-in takes place approximately 3-5 weeks after you are notified of an available apartment.

    Prior to move-in, you will meet with the property manager, learn about the complex, and sign your lease. All adult household members must attend the meeting.

*If you are using a phone/tablet, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app prior to filling out the online RENTAL APPLICATION and submit it electronically.

*Due to the length of our waiting list, effective July 27, 2023, we are no longer accepting applications for one-bedroom apartments.

* Individuals cannot apply for a two-bedroom apartment (unless applying for a reasonable accommodation due to disability) and we do not permit roommates.

Send completed applications to [email protected].

Please note: Non-residents of the jurisdiction (anyone not residing in the City of Auburn) who reach the top of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list, MUST utilize the voucher and reside in the City of Auburn (issuing jurisdiction) for 12 months before they can move to a different area. Also, preference for vouchers is given to those who reside in the City of Auburn.